Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Vote YES to Romney-Ryan & to Personhood; end child sacrifice of abortion

This photo is of a tiny human baby in the amniotic sac, which most women call their "bag of waters" that allows baby to float in warm water in the uterus [womb] until time for birth. It is a digital photo I took years ago, and have added to sites/blogs of mine intermittently since then. I am adding it again because the vote for personhood is happening today in Mississippi. Please vote YES to that question on ballot of:

"Should the term 'person' be defined to include every human being from the moment of fertilization, cloning, or the equivalent thereof?"

Quoting from CNN article included with url address:

"The amendment is simple," said Dr. Freda Bush, a Mississippi obstetrician and strong supporter of the measure.
"I can't imagine anyone who is truly pro-life not supporting or acknowledging the fact that the baby begins at conception, deserves life, has done nothing to deserve death, she told CNN."
Quote in CNN article today entitled "Mississippi Amendment on Personhood..."
7:17 am;8-Nov-2011; article :

The civil liberties of the preborn humans is the next big thing--the next civil rights movement is well begun as proved by Mississippi's ballot today. Eleven other states are also planning a similar Amendment to give legal "personhood" status to humans in the womb. So vote YES when it gets to your state. And for the other 39 states, what are you waiting for?? JESUS to come again and tell you HIMSELF that killing of tiny humans is a sin after you went along with it, for decades?? Repent now, get on GOD's side in the war of words before it becomes a war of weapons, bombs, artillery, militia, etc [read about the civil war that freed the slaves if you don't know what I am writing about]. IF you don't know GOD's side on this debate, then get your Bible and look up these scriptures { I prefer King James Holy Bible for its language and no apologizing for sin] :
Exodus 20:13
Jeremiah 1:5
Proverbs 31:8
John 10:10
John 14:6
Matthew chapter 18
Malachi 4:6
and many many others. If you doubt that GOD HIMSELF is the enemy of abortionists, you are hiding your head in the sand and "playing the fool" as my daddy would have said when he was alive. GOD creates humans in the womb and HE is not happy when mere mortals sacrifice whom HE has created to satisfy their greed, lust,lasciviousness, selfish selves. GOD said HE destroys the nations that allow human sacrifice. Abortion is human sacrifice, and is abomination to GOD. READ YOUR BIBLE cover to cover.
And for the Constitutional foundations of the civil liberties including the "right to life" see yesterday's post on http://gloriapoole.blogspot.com.

Also, the effort in Mississippi to get legal protections for humans in womb, has INFURIATED the devil [whose agents are abortionists, and those who promote it and pay for it, and advertise for it]. And he and his crew of "legion" as JESUS called them, are doing all they can to stop political and religious speech opposing the Obama scheme to murder millions of innocents in the womb and pay for it with money siphoned from paychecks for Medicare and Social Security. I have no doubt this event told of in CNN tech news of knocking offline tier 1 networks taking down Juniper, Time Warner, Level 3, blackberry phones and netbooks running on aol, netzero,microsoft across US & EU was orchestrated by Obama 's boss plannd unparenthood to silence political speech in run-up to Mississippi vote today. Read about it http://money.cnn.com/2011/11/07/technology/juniper_internet_outage/index.htm/ w quotes:
"That's what happened Monday morning, when a software glitch in the Internet's wonky sounding "Border Gateway Protocol" created a ripple effect that crashed data networks around the world."
Gloria Poole; At my apt & only residence in Missouri; 8-Nov-2011@ 8:52am Updated on Oct 28, 2012; to correct the day o this year's election to November 6th, 2012. This blog has been attacked so many times it must be a record. the proaborts have done everything in their bag of tricks to try to defeat me and the personhood cause in the U S. Read the update for today on another blog of mine at : http://gloriapoole.blogspot.com. Changes are very difficult to this blog because the enemy of GOD [the devil] does not want women to know that tiny humans in the womb looke like humans!]. Gloria Poole,RN; and artist ; at my apt in Missouri; 28-Oct-2012; 1:36pm