Sunday, December 16, 2012

Merry Christmas to all & Remember JESUS

I am adding some Christmas sentiment to some of my blogs today. Most of what I want to say, I have already written on my blog at : and I added a painting I painted to it also.

I am hesitant to add paintings to this blog for several reasons: cybercriminals broke into my isp acct that I used specifically for this, to try to hijack my signal while sending the bill to me. That's an on-going effort of criminals [ since about yr 2001] to steal my life, paintings I paint, my name, my blogs and my isp & bank accounts. But I pray, and GOD wins HIS battles.

Don't want to get side-tracked. There's a lot to write about at Christmas. Most of all remember that the book of Luke in the New Testament chapter two specifically tells of the birth of JESUS, how GOD sent an Angel to tell a virgin she would be hovered over by The Holy spirit and bear the Holy human form of GOD. [That's my words. Read the King James Holy Bible Luke ch 2 for the Bible record.]

I am the same woman you see in the photo of me in winter hat as you will see of me in my front room without a hat [but in front of some of my paintings I painted] on my blog at And also on other sites of mine, there are different photos of me at different locations, in different light, different backgrounds. I am originally from the state of Georgia. I only lived in Colorado seven awful years. So grateful to have moved from that ungodly State whose only claim to fame is they were the first to implement killing as a so-called "right". And haven't they reaped what they had sown?

I pray that somehow by the grace of GOD, the powers that be get rid of the criminals who broke into my tablets & Verizon account { I have more than one isp account, thank goodness]. And that somehow I find somewhere isp's that are honest, secure, trustworthy, and reliable.

Also, for legal documentation: I am a white woman. I do not have any black relatives anywhere. I do not have any Indian relatives anywhere. I do however, have two grown daughters whose names are Jennifer & Leigh and no sons. I am divorced twice, and resumed my maiden name after both divorces via Court order. I have painted as artist since I was in high school. I am also a Registered Nurse, licensed currently in Missouri, but first in the state of Georgia. The winter hat was because it was January of 2010 and I was in Georgia to attend my mother's funeral, and it was cold. I have lived in several states and had a RN license in the U.K. for several years.

. This is all necessary to write because I am still trying to get control of my name, my photos on web, my blogs, isp accts, and devices that I bought, pay the monthly fees on, and use privately and morally in my apt. I have more than one telephone, more than one cell phone for safety because of events that happened to me in Colorado, and because they are associated with years of my created works on the web. I live alone--there is not anyone else authorized to log into any acct of mine [an aside to law enforcement who is helping me].

Gloria Poole,R.N. & artist in oils, acrylics, pen/inks, watercolors, goauche, tempera, pencils, charcoals. I have posted my photos of my art I create on the web intermittently since 2007.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Vote prolife Tuesday Nov 6th; for Romney & Ryan

This photo is of a tiny human baby in the amniotic sac, which most women call their "bag of waters" that allows baby to float in warm water in the uterus [womb] until time for birth. It is a digital photo I took years ago, and have added to sites/blogs of mine intermittently since then. I am adding it again because the vote for a new President is coming up on November 6, 2012. Please remember the tiny humans in the womb, need your vote and they need bold men & women who are not ignorant of medical facts and not lacking courage to defend their right to be born alive, their right to life.

Please vote for Romney & Ryan this election day on November 6th, 2012. Also vote for Mourdock and Todd Akin, whom the U S needs in the Congress. The U S desperately needs some bold, good people who have the courage of their convictions & who do not speak in weasel-words to deceive their constituents.

I am adding my photo of tiny human again to make sure that if wicked try to delete the title as they often do, the photo will still appear:

This photo is of a tiny human baby in the amniotic sac, which most women call their "bag of waters" that allows baby to float in warm water in the uterus [womb] until time for birth. It is a digital photo I took years ago, and have added to sites/blogs of mine intermittently since then. I am adding the photo of the tiny human twice hoping it will appear when the blog is opened everywhere.

Gloria Poole, RN licensed in Missouri; 28-Oct-2012; 1:43pm; at my apt in Missouri. P S the photo of the woman on this blog wearing winter hat is me Gloria Poole, RN presently living in Missouri but originally from state of Georgia; and was photographed in the state of Georgia in Jan 2010 by my oldest daughter who is a professional photographer and whose name is Jennifer Borelli of Nebraska. She does mostly photos of ballet recitals, some weddings, some school photos. I photograph also but generally genre scenes in nature and not people. However, I have photographed my own 2 daughters, their husbands and children often but do not put those photos on public websites. This paragraph is necessary to add because the wicked who tried to steal every domain I owned, every photo I took, every word I wrote tried to convince hosting companies that I had died. I did not die. My mother who always lived in GA died in the state of Georgia and I attended her funeral. I reason the Judgement Day is coming for those who hate GOD, and who hate the followers of GOD.