Saturday, February 9, 2013

3 months later; and much effort!!!

This is a more recent photo of me Gloria Poole of and in Missouri. I am adding it here, today, because it has taken me until today to get control of this account of mine. The problems began in Nov, 2012, when my tablets were broken into by a cyber-attack team probably paid for by Planned Parenthood and the wicked Obama who was running for office when my Verizon acct was broken into,by someone at remote place by someone whom Verizon provided my password too. I had Verizon mi-fi but I have since cancelled that account [because no service on mi-fi since Nov, 2012; and because I was not going to pay for service for cyber-criminals and because Verizon had NO SECURITY].

So, this is as I looked that day I took this photo of me Gloria Poole.

Also, I have documented much about the 3 month Verizon ordeal on another blog of mine at: And also on some of my Twitter accounts in much depth.

Also, you can see my google page for this and an example of the graphics I created on my tablet toying with apps, also on that page [ a bright HELLO banner]. I am trying to learn how to use Google plus but it takes me longer to do things when I get tired, secondary to a concussion and fractures.

Also, if you read the prolife posts on this blog and see the medical photos of tiny human in amniotic sac, you will see why the anti-life group of killers-of-human-beings-in-womb were so desperate to destroy my Verizon acct and my tablets. They were trying to CENSOR my religious and prolife words and content. They didn't succeed because Verizon was a an optional account, not critical to any way to me--one I had only to connect my tablets for apps, and graphics--i.e. not mission-critical to anything. I have a regular isp account on my desktop and also different [other] methods of being on web. Is the RSS feed for Talking, Walking & Painting This is a statement only that this blog belongs to me Gloria Poole, RN & artist, white woman in Missouri; and it always did. Please read the content that the wicked were trying to get removed from the web in the posts following this one.

Gloria Poole, RN & artist; @ my apt in Missouri; 1:41pm. 9-Feb-2013