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Resources for Prolife Activists & wannabees by Gloria Poole,RN, artist

Resources for prolife activists and for those people who are considering the prolife issues and want to read more and find ways to get involved: is the how to be emergency midwife quick info for people who might ever have to deliver a baby.

From Embryo to fetus in the womb, medical facts by Gloria Poole, RN : for most recent post;

and it's also posted on on 19 January 2014.

Some ways to educate yourself about human life in the womb are : [medical reference books} scroll to Feb 25th 2014 post

Article about Clostridium Difficile which is an anaerobic bacteria that is a huge risk of abortions and one of the main reasons to never have an abortion, at:

"Real women have babies " poem I wrote on 10 May 2014 on;

and also see same blog on 22 Feb 2014 entitled "The Appropriate response to pregnancy"

words that WORK for google searches on prolife… [How Google searches affect the prolife cause] :

and also scroll to post on Nov 9, 2013 entitled, "Save the baby humans" gold star for "You still got it" prolife video ;

and also scroll too "Overturn roe: time's a-wasting" on Oct 5, 2013;

and also post entitled "Thanks to Tim Tebow…" on April 6, 2013;

[Different set of ] Prolife Activities for wannabe prolife activists: & scroll to post on Sept 18, 2013 [ go to bottom first pg, click on "older posts" then scroll to find it. ]

And scroll to post, "Celebrities helping save the baby humans" on post dated 5 Feb 2013; [click "older posts" at bottom of page then scroll through to 5 Feb 2013].

Civil liberties for preborn is post for April 10, 2014 on and includes medical photos of tiny humans.

Also, post on 27 Feb 2014 same blog is "Babies in uteri look human" with medical photos.

Prolife Scriptures : on April 12, 2014 and also more prolife scriptures on March 2, 2014 post.

"The state of the Union is a house divided" on on post for 13 Jan 2014

"More prolife celebrities in News & prolife Singers " on and scroll to 11 Oct 2013

"The most important thing U can do for Ur Country" is post for Nov 6, 2011 on

Also, I, Gloria Poole, RN, artist, tweet many resource articles and reference info and quotes from my @ProlifeNurse and also @personhood1 twitter accounts, so you can follow me on twitter on those accts for the prolife/ personhood cause.

Other prolife blogs I own and create and write for are: [It's all about ending abortion"

I put art I created as a mini exhibit for Mother's Day 2014 on my Gloria's blog at

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