Thursday, July 10, 2014

Preborn humans are HUMAN from get-go; medical photos by Gloria Poole,RN

This set of photos is at 44 days gestation in womb [one month and 14 days after implantation].

This set photos is at 8 weeks gestation.

This set of photos is 16 weeks gestation.

This set photos is 22 weeks gestation.

This set of photos is 28 weeks gestation.

These photos are photos I [Gloria Poole, RN, artist of Missouri] photographed to digitize from a medical textbook that I bought years ago when I worked as RN at Medical College of Georgia. They are intended to show a womb with a window so you can see how tiny humans look in their natural habitat before they are born.

I have written much on the @prolife cause and created unique blogs to educate and re-educate the people of the world that humans in the womb must be protected from predators such as Planned Parenthood and the Microsoft Foundation . Some of those blogs are

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