Friday, December 19, 2014

Open Letter from Kansas Coalition for Life for Truth Truck to save the baby humans

I am publishing this letter sent to me by Mark Gietzen with his permission to help publicize this event:

Letter : Quote: "We need your help by this coming Friday! [which is today 19 Dec 2014]

Since Mother’s Day 2004, KCFL has had a continuous presence at the gate of the [an aside: name omitted so as not to provide free publicity to evil abortuaries] abortion facility in Kansas City, Kansas.

Due to our on-site presence and offers of help to the Mothers-to-be, nearly 450 babies have been saved from a scheduled death.

One tool, that has greatly helped us in our life-saving mission, has been the Operation Rescue Truth-trucks, which we have used whenever one was available since 2004. There are many babies alive today, due entirely to the Truth-truck being on-site. Here is just one example:

However, Operation Rescue is a nation-wide organization, and their trucks are naturally used in the states and cities where they are needed most. For that reason, having a Truth-truck in Wichita has been an on-again-off-again arrangement.

Now, by the grace and help of God, KCFL has an opportunity to obtain its own Truth-truck, pictured below, from Operation Rescue and a proLife group in Mercer County Pennsylvania, for less than what Operation Rescue has invested in it already. Our cost would be $4000 even.

I traveled to Pennsylvania to get this truck this past weekend, and took these photos this morning at the ....

The truck is a 2006 GMC with 161,000 miles on it. The Book Value on it ranges between $8,500 for a similar 2005 model, to $12,250 for a 2009 model.


ProLife of Mercer County, PA has invested $20,000 in this particular truck, including a theater arrangement in the air-conditioned box. However, Operation Rescue is willing to sell this truck to KCFL for $4000 even. The only catch is that we would need to raise the money by Friday, December 19th. (I think a check on Monday morning, early, the 22nd would be okay, but Operation Rescue needs to know for certain by Friday if we are going to make the purchase or not.)

If KCFL would own this truck, it would stay in Kansas, and would be fully under our control. However, we would also have the expenses of maintenance, insurance, fuel, etc.

The bottom line is this: We have a one-time opportunity to purchase this Truth-truck at ½ or 1/3 of its actual value.

Therefore, I am asking each person who receives this e-mail to help if possible, so that we do not miss this excellent opportunity.

To make a donation toward the purchase or maintenance of this Truth-truck, click below, or call 316-522-8866.

If sending a check, use the address below, and reply to this e-mail with your pledged amount, so that we know by Friday.

It would be a shame to miss this wonderful opportunity.

Mark S. Gietzen, Chairman

Kansas Coalition for Life

PO Box 16514

Wichita, KS 67216-3631

(316) 522-8866"


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