Thursday, January 29, 2015

Tactics of prodeathers written so REPUBLICANS can read them.

Tactics of prodeathers in the U.S. as they attempt to censor, dominate, control all prolife activists:

I am writing the tactics I have had to endure since year 2008 when prodeath then-not-Pres Obama ran his first crooked campaign. It has taken me a while to assemble the bits and pieces of their sabotage but I think I have finally got this info into a cohesive, understandable form. I am listing these for the use of Prolife REPUBLICAN candidates in year 2016 to be able to counteract and defeat the killing machine in the U S.

Prodeathers who advocate, promote and do kill innocents-in-the-womb and via hospice in the U S and around the world, also do these tasks:

1) they buy voter list and then;

2) they find corrupt election officials in every voting precinct and pay them to change the votes of prolife Republicans to prodeath democrats.

3) They break into private computers using malware, and so-called "Presidential alert nationwide" system, that confiscates EVERY cell phone number in U S, on U S soil, or abroad that calls or receives calls from U S via NSA.

4) They use the Aaron Schwartz illegal spynet he created and the hack-attack method that he died because of, when the evil people he let use it, wanted to conceal that fact.

5) They put censoring malware on private computers in the [fake ] name of "national security" when it is their organization that kills the innocents in the womb and advocates for killing as a right.

They are prodeath advocates and killers.

6) They hack Google's system to get the 2 step call in code to authenticate their simultaneous login to a prolifer's account, and then they surveil emails, insert malware that turns back the visitor count; and attempt to take-over the theme so that they control the number of columns of a blog and if centered or in bold type or type of font. These activities are intended to discourage prolifers by their visitor count and to make it difficult to update prolife blogs.

7) They use Verizon Nazi war-machine propaganda tool to control, manipulate and throttle every mobile device a prolife activist has if they ever used it to write a prolife message.

8) They employ the Nazi ACLU at taxpayer expense to sue the prolife organization by hauling them into court for frivolous causes, in order to assert non-existent "rights" to kill; and

9) They use the stupid [medically ignorant] women in Congress to command the IRS to harass and persecute prolife activists.

10) They break into utility accounts by using government [all utilities are government controlled] and add on extra fees and "map" the electrical outlets of prolifers so they can "geo-fence" their adversaries' mobile devices.

11) They bribe the White House so-called Secretary of Obama [male lover is probably more accurate] to use the "auto-pen" to sign "national security" letters to try to censor all methods of online communication of prolifers.

12) They send fake emails to the legitimate email accounts of the prolifers and they pretend to be the "boss", "brother", "supervisor", "doctor" , "bank"; blah blah blah but each fake email is a hook to retrieve information.

13) They call the telephone numbers of their opponents to waste their minutes and to make a recording of their numbers so when they go to the store that sells that brand of services their number shows up on telecom's servers thus affording a sort of "authentication".

14. They send fake obituaries to the fake funeral home on line so that when search engines search for names of prolifers they get "results" that are total lies.

15) They send fake emails to the legitimate emails saying they are offering a "plan to solve addiction" [when in this case I only take aspirin] but the fake emails are intended to trigger filters and govt surveillance.

16) They make up fake news stories about their opponents and they submit them as Press Releases to the Press. For instance there is no such person as that "Jane" from Denver who was supposedly a nursing school student who had bad intentions. That was the fake Press release invented by the Obama campaign staffers to make the public "fear' prolifers in 2008. She was fabricated by the killing consortium of Colorado and Obama campaign staff. Obama is the "poster child" for war on the preborn.

17) They use "presidential alert" database and medical records on web to gain access to mobile numbers of prolifers.

18 ) They use online medical records to steal information of prolife activists.

19) They plant false information as "suggestions" sent via email to prolifers.

20) They attach fake last names to the legitimate real names of prolifers, then create stories about them to snag search engines attention with totally made up information.

21) They create bad sites using the titles of blogs of prolifers to spoof the good sites so search engines pick up both good and bad sites by the same name, thus associating the names of good people with bad events.

22) They add 25 years to the age of prolifers when they submit their fake P R reports to cause age discrimination by the Press .

23) They use euphemisms to snag search engine results such as they call their killing centers 'clinics" in the same way Hitler called his killing methods 'showers".

This is as comprehensive as I can make it at the moment. I have been taking notes on this for a while to bring together the tactics of propaganda of those who kill with premeditation in the U S. Years ago, I read a book about the techniques of propaganda that were perfected by the Nazi war machine and Hitler's man for that named Goebbels and it opened my eyes to these tactics that are being used in the U S by the killing centers,and their legal representative the ACLU which is funded by Congress and taxpayers [unconstitutionally] and their fake charities and ngos.

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This is the U S flag I photographed to remind all that I am a U S citizen with all civil liberties including the first amendment to protest govt. This blog post is a PROTEST of the government use of taxpayer funds to pay the killing ngo named Planned Parenthood and their legal "arm" the ACLU.

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