Saturday, February 13, 2016

IF I were to use the tactics of evil Planned Parenthood, I would do all these things, written by me Gloria Poole,RN,artist of /inMissouri

IF I were to use all the evil tactics that killing ngo named Planned Parenthood uses I would:

1) create fake profiles of their leaders on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter to confuse the public and the online search engines.

2) Create fake emails about the deaths of their leaders and send it to the online fake mortuaries.

3) Create fake obituary notices about their leaders especially their known publicized leaders.

4) Create fake twitter accounts and follow their prodeath leaders on twitter to harass them and call them names and challenge their authority to lead and their education.

5) Create fake "news articles" and send them as Press Releases stating that their leaders are a hundred years old.

6) Create fake photos of their leaders using stock photos showing gnarly, wrinkled, ugly people and send them to the online search engines by searching repeatedly for the fake names and photos.

7) Create fake alerts for search engines using the first names of all their leaders and write articles that their leaders are porn actors, and murderers [which Planned Parenthood is, so that would be true], and were arrested for "crimes" in "Texas", "California" and as many states as possible.

8) Create fake "news articles" saying their leaders are "terrorists" who work for ISIS, or Hamas, or whatever the flavor of the month terrorist org is.

9) Create "revenge porn" that shows similar looking women as their leaders doing s-e-x acts on web and undressing in public and make a website similar to their website to confuse search engines.

10) Create fake websites using ILLEGAL emigrants and buying domains of Panned Parenthood, Planned Parenhood, Plan_ed parenthood, etc etc and fil the fake domains with porn.

11) Bombard the Planned Parenthood websites and leaders' private computers with junk mail and fake offers that imply they buy ILLEGAL drugs and sex.

12) Offer their web-hosting companies to buy their domains out from under them at auction, and do it, then fill it with bad stuff.

13) Search to find their telephone companies and then tell them that their leaders stole my cell phones and ask them to "lock" the phones and or prevent the use of them.

14) Find the isp accounts of Planned Parenthood and report them for publishing the porn on the fake sites.

15) Tell the FBI that the "leaders" of Planned Parenthood are : a) jihadists; b) terrorists, c) illegal emigrants, d) criminal hackers, e) porn actors, to get FBI to surveil them 24/7.

16) Go before Congress and testify that Planned Parenthood 'made threats" to my "employees" and seek a "border" that they could not cross.

17) Send P.R. to newspaper and pay their journos money under the table to write fake news that are really promotions of killing.

18) Send P.R. to news agencies about how many fake "other " things I did that "justified" 500 MILLION dollars of taxpayer money to support me.

19) Send spam reports on all their so-called leaders so the spam filters filter out ALL the email of their organization to the trash.

20) Create twitter handles that imply they are my "employees'; "co-workers", "janitors" ;"house-keeping" & that I had to fire them for not working.

These are the tactics of Planned Parenthood and I attest to that, as having endured their tactics regularly since year 2001. The differences in me and Planned Parenthood are :

I am christian and they are of and from the devil because they kill innocents.

I value my relationship with THE LIVING LORD more than I value anything else. They value money above all else.

I would not kill an innocent person and they routinely with malice kill innocents-in-the-womb and for pay.

I would not seduce and lure gullible people into a life of sin and they do.

I would not petition anyone for money to kill human babies.

I would not purposely disobey the Commandments of GOD.

I wrote this and I considered if I shoud insert the names of their killers, and decided not too, because I do not want to confuse the public by listing the names of killers on a PROLIFE blog.

Also, my thanks to my viewers around the world. I am grateful when you take the time to view my art I made and read my words.

Creating this blog and also other blogs to inform the public of the prolife news and events, and the references they can use to educate themselves on the issues, and the public debates, and the #prolife activists known around the world, is my way of opening my mouth for all those in the womb appointed to destruction.

You can see other blogs of mine and some include medical photos I photographed to digitize them, and read my words as Registered Nurse on these other blogs of mine: includes article how the fetus develops written by me Gloria Poole,RN

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