Monday, May 2, 2011

Remember to save baby humans; vote prolife only

Please remember that the election cycle for U S president is gearing up. There have already been extensive efforts by the current administration killing-administration of Obama-Clinton to suppress what prolifers write on the web* , and they break into private prolifer's computers, cell phones, hosting accounts . I attest to that publicly, having only yesterday found files named 'suppression policy" on my computer, and also files put there by the U S State Dept for illegal spying on me**. Many events have happened to me personally and to my computers since Obama declared his intention to continue his killing regime. My bank accounts were spied on, & broken into by Obama administration to try to prevent me from renewing certain domains and hosting accounts. Every electronic device I own has been broken into by those thugs in office and their cyber-hackers on the federal payroll. My cell phones have been wire-tapped, my photos of my [only two] grown,married daughters were stolen off my long term cell phones [actual handset where they were stored in 'gallery", and off my computer, and also my photos of their small children. But I have them backed up 3 times ! And I reported the breaking into my cell phones to the FBI,and also the theft of my original photos of my family, and of my genre photography of mountains,sunsets.skies.alien spaceships,flowers,architecture; and of my paintings I paint/sketch or my drawings I draw. Also my Apple apps were broken into, my iTunes acct was broken into, my Qriocity acct was broken into, my heywire [SMS] app and the number assigned to it was stolen by the DNC as they tried to prevent me from tweeting in opposition to Obama. Facebook has allowed ten people to use my real name and put up Facebook pages with MY REAL NAME but their faces' photos to confuse the public and facilitate the theft of my name,identity,accounts, hosting accounts, and photos . Emails of mine with my info has been stolen off Apple apps. There has been a deliberate attempt to annihilate me on the web by these tactics of the federal killing regime of Obama-Clinton-democrats-killers-of-human-babies, in their effort to suppress/censor/prevent me from opposing Obama and or jezebel Hillary. One of my accts was so compromised that the hosting company thought I was a black man [I am a white woman!]. My info on hosting accounts was broken into, and in some cases basic facts about me such as me being a white woman were altered ; in some cases repeatedly. Some of my profiles on line, I have corrected at least 5 times.

Remember this: any person or organization that exits to kill innocents [in the womb or elsewhere] is evil. Planned Parenthood is evil from the get-go. They began their cause of eradicating black people from earth during Hitler's reign of terror, and Obama is their 21st century puppet, jumping when they pull his strings. That is nothing short of recognition of the power of their brainwashing since he is a black man, helping wipe out black men and women in the womb at their most vulnerable defenseless stage of their lives.

And remember this too: GOD wrote in stone,"thou shalt not kill" and it is recorded in Exodus 20:13, and in Deuteronomy, and JESUS said it with different words when HE said, "even so, it is not the will of your FATHER which is in heaven {GOD] that one of these little ones should perish." Matthew 18:14,KJV.

And remember that the very first commandment of GOD to the very first humans made by GOD's own hands [read Genesis chapter 1 and 2] was "be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth."Genesis 1:28,KJV.

Please help save the baby humans. Millions of innocents are being slaughtered in the womb in worst conditions than cattle are slaughtered--stabbed through,heads cut off, limbs torn off, blood shed everywhere. It is the most heinous sin that GOD cannot tolerate. The mercy of GOD has given the US forty years to repent, but I believe the situation of declining power, economy in the tank,bankrupt nation, evil controlling the US Senate, are only the preliminary warnings from GOD that HIS patience with America is wearing thin.

Remember if you vote for those who kill with deliberation and premeditation, you are an accomplice, enabler to those crimes/sins against GOD. Force politicians in the US to record the yeas and nays on every vote and PUBLISH them in the newspapers so voters are not deceived by those who say in their small towns they are prolife but vote against life in Washington DC at every chance.. Kick out of the capitol bldg the presses captured by the White House--make them pay for their own offices and phones in DC instead of using wire-tapped phones from federal government. Fire the so-called 'journos'*** on the payroll of Obama, and Clinton, and State Dept and Dept of Defense. Fire the NY Times' 'journos" who write 'on-the-side" PR campaigns for elected officials. Separate the 'news' from the federal government control/domination/invitation to witness yet another photo-op for Obama .

America, for the love of GOD, wake up to the lies and evil of Obama! He is a liar from the get-go and his mission is to destroy the nation. He is not American since the AP said yesterday his father was not lawfully married to the American since he already had a wife in Kenya so he was a polygamist which is illegal in the US; and that Harvard University discovered that in 1964, and kicked him out of Harvard and his visa to be in US was revoked. Everything about Obama is a lie. He is of the devil and I know that because of the words in John chapter 8 of KJV; and also in John 10:10,KJV.
* Footnote#1: I found 'suppression policy " files added to my computer to try to prevent me from writing on the web.
** Footnote # 2: I am a US citizen with First Amendment liberties, and not accused of or guilty of any crimes; therefore it is illegal for them to spy on me without cause.
***Footnote#3: journos is the term journalists apply to themselves .
Gloria Poole;@my apt in Missouri;9:16am;2-May-2011.

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