Monday, May 30, 2011

If WSJ,NYT, & WashPost censor ur words, does = power?

I am adding this entry today to ask the question: if the Wall St Journal, the NY Times and the Washington Post all feel the need to censor via prior restraint a person's political and or religious speech, does that mean the person whom they squelch has POWER? That word power that is in the title of many books including one I was reading about today.
I think I am becoming the Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn of the US. I have been censored again today and this is documentation of it. Here's what happened.
Here's what I wrote that the WSJ censored/blocked from the comments page of an article written by Gary Hamel in the WSJ online that asked for/allowed public to comment, but censored my comments for ?? being Christian, or Prolife ??, or female ?? what? not sure, but read them for yourself:, quoting myself :
"I really loved this article. As a Registered Nurse, I had some so-called leadership roles that were paid jobs; and I had some teaching roles of [CPR,Infection Control/Prevention, etc] also in that capacity. And I have created blogs to teach the public in many areas. But what I have struggled to adapt to my life is the realities of acquiring power. I wrote down the key points of this article and the one I like most is "Pfeffer believes a meritorious cause can be a significant force multiplier". Well. I hope so! And my cause is saving the human race from premeditated destruction via abortuaries. If you want to know more about this and how I go about it, read some of my blogs, beginning with this one:; and also, and also And those of you with power write me via direct messages or email to suggest how for me to get power or this cause . Gloria Poole, RN; licensed in Missouri, but writing,creating websites.blogging to save human life; and painting as artist.
+ and even though signed up and logged in as a "member" of their online community; blocked from page at:;
my wsj profile at:" [end quote of myself that was added to the WSJ Editor's blog after Mr Hamel blocked it on his].
A reminder to the Wall Street Journal that for a company to solicit "public comments' on a public form so designated, and then censor with prior restraint the comments of an entire class of citizens [prolifers and or Christians] is illegal, violates the First Amendment civil liberties of citizens; and opens them to a lawsuit for violation of civil liberties. FYI, public notice and documentation of this event.
Gloria Poole,@ home in Missouri; 30_May-2011; 9:25am

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