Friday, August 19, 2011

Gov't censorship :the next big thing in US?

There are 2 articles in today's news that are clearly making the point that the US is beginning to overtly censor the citizens' speech via the internet and via cell phones. I am including quotes from those. Censorship until Obama became President was not acceptable to the US because of the First Amendment. Why would it be now? Read articles included as links please.

"Shutting down social media is not the right choice, unless the government’s aim is to reinforce its already Draconian presence." ..."Worse still, it gives the impression that a government is willing to impede the communication of its entire populace in order to hinder the efforts of a select few." from article "Why blocking social media ...'
in Mashable on yahoo news today. 19-Aug-2011@12:28pm
with quotes:
"The Congressional Budget Office has released a new estimate of the cost of the PROTECT IP Act, the controversial legislation to force private ISPs, search engines, and other parties to censor websites accused of facilitating copyright infringement." +
..."We've never had the kind of large-scale Internet censorship infrastructure mandated by the PROTECT IP Act, so it's hard to predict how much it would cost private ISPs, search engines, and credit card networks to comply. But maintaining, updating, and enforcing blacklists could be expensive, and these costs would be multiplied across hundreds, if not thousands, of private firms."
I suspect this sort of event is precisely because of Obama's need to control/manipulate/usurp. Remember when he was first elected how he gave THE PRESS specific questions he wanted them to ask him? And remember how reported that he planned to attack every government's computer, every private, and public computer , every hosting companies' computers and every business/corporate computer to get control of it? Don't be deceived by him. He is evil as defined by GOD because he championed sodomy that GOD called abomination in Leviticus 18:22; and because he has laid a plan to depopulate the nation by killing the unborn/preborn.
This blog started as a prolife blog and this issue is relevant because to publish the PROLIFE news involves overcoming illegal censorship by Obama and pervert segments of the nation.

Gloria Poole;@my apt in Missouri; 12:46pm;19-Aug-2011 @12:47pm;
Logged back in to add what I meant to include as more evidence of Obama administration censoring/controlling speech:
According to the BBC earlier today, the SEC on Obama's watch destroyed 9,000 files of citizen complaints about Bernie Madoff, Goldman Sachs, Lehman Bothers, AIG, Wells Fargo.,Bank of America, Deustche Bank, and SAC. That is typical for those in power who want a totalitarian government --they silence citizens' protest. But it was not acceptable in the US before, and with this post, I am saying it is not acceptable now either. Gloria Poole; @1:07pm;19-Aug-2011

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