Thursday, September 26, 2013

gloriapoole the white, Christian, woman is alive & painting, writing.

First let me begin this by stating that I am Gloria Poole and am the white, Christian, divorced twice, heterosexual woman who was born in Georgia, who is prolife, artist, R.N., writer, blogger, who currently lives in Missouri; and who never at any time lived in Florida. I am also a mother and grandmother and a woman who has worked as free-lance photo-journalist before, who graduated from the University of Georgia, and who also graduated from a Nursing school/college in Atlanta, GA; and who began both words that WORK and Life Media & Publishing. I never had a Facebook acct nor a Pinterest account. I am also known on the web as Gloria since I sign my name that way on paintings I paint; and I am known on web also as gloria0817; gpoole817; gloriapoole.RN; Gloria Poole, RN; gloriapooleRN at yahoo; gloriapoole1749; gloria.poole. gloria-poole;gloria_poole; gloriapoole; Gloria Poole; gloria-poole; gloriapoole_RN; G-L-O-R-I-A on my wordpress blog ; and as g-l-o-r-i-a on domains that I owned for 7-8 years until criminals at remote broke into my computers in yr 2011 to steal info from me that they used to steal domains from me; and other variations of my real born with name. I have also had computer course work at University of Georgia and in my own "work" for myself as I have published on web for years, and own my equipment.

I am adding content to get back on task of promoting the cause of human life and opposing abortion.

This photo below is a photo I photographed of an oil painting I painted of a mother in hospital with her new baby.

Also, I am trying to stop the bombardment of my accounts by cyber-criminals at remote.

Gloria Poole at my apt in Missouri; 26-Sept-2013; @ 12:44pm.