Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sketch Preemie with mother

This is my sketch of a newborn mother with a "preemie" [premature baby]. Premature babies are scrawny, thin, bony, not much fat on them and therefore they lack the fat pads in the cheeks that help them take milk. This is intended to be a reminder of several medical issues about premature babies. First, they need lots of TLC, close, constant eyeballing, to make sure they are breathing, and warm enough. Because they do not have any fat [subcutaneous ] they have a hard time maintaining their body temperature warm enough, so they usually need a blanket or the warmth of their mother or father to keep body temp in safe zone. Also, the other huge medical issue is that there is evidence that abortions cause or contribute to premature births; because in an abortion, the mouth of the womb is forced open with a metal instrument, which weakens it. Then when the woman is pregnant again, and tries to go full term, sometimes she can't because mouth of womb doesn't close properly. Premature babies with TLC grow up to be as full term babies in many cases, but if they require oxygen in their early days of life, there are some risks that should be discussed thoroughly with a neonatal specialist. If they have to have oxygen to survive, that settles the issue, but it can be monitored closely with special equipment.

This is merely a sketch, as I tried to draw/ paint a scrawny baby. Full term babies have fat on them and in their cheeks which helps them apply suction to either the nipple to get milk.

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