Sunday, March 16, 2014

Enjoyment of life on this earth is crucial and celebrating it matters

I, Gloria Poole, of Missouri and Georgia, am putting here a graphic I made using a computer. It is supposed to resemble the solar system and the green globe is the earth. I do not claim this graphic to be a scientific visual of the solar system. It's only a reminder that the world we live in and the planet we humans live on, is not the be all and end all of the human story. If you read The Holy Bible from cover to cover, you will begin to grasp the truth that GOD existed before HE created humans and that HE still exists and is alive in heaven, and that HE created all beings and the earth we live on. Genesis tells the creation story in detail, and is interesting reading. Because this blog is about human life, and the medical photos I put on this before in previous posts are to teach the humanity of the human in the mother's uterus, I want to make the connection between the solar system and the human race. First look at the graphic:

Humans can exist only in certain environments. In the big scheme of things, from the eternal standpoint, humans are somewhat fragile beings, requiring shelter from extreme weather, food on a daily basis, clean water to hydrate themselves; and a human environment to socialize with. The tiny uterus of a woman's body is about the size of a pear when the woman is not pregnant but it grows along with the baby in the womb to provide a tiny, snug fitting "shell" of human muscle and a placenta to nourish the tiny being. It is a microcosm of the universe in a sense because without that function, all humans would have died off the earth after Adam and Eve of Genesis died. In that sense it is the most important function of the entire universe. Think of it this way> if all humans ceased to exist, the solar system would continue. So, humans are not essential to the solar system. But they are essential to the continuity of the human race.

I write often on the prolife cause and I create blogs for the purpose of educating prolife activists and equipping them with the knowledge they need to argue for human life, by providing medical facts, and photos and medical reference materials. I write the prolife blogs as a Registered Nurse, licensed in Missouri, who has had a career as a RN and much additional training. I also draw, sketch and paint often and I create a set of blogs for that purpose also, and all should know that about me.

I selected the title of this post as a single statement of truth. I saw on TV a few days some staggering statistics of how often people in several countries, U S included see suicide as "a way out of suffering". That is very sad and it must end as a way of thinking. Human life is about all stages of life: 2 gamete cells in union, blastocyst, embryo, fetus, neonate, infant, toddler, child, adolescent, teenager, adult, geriatric. This post is to hopefully make people think of the big picture of where humans fit into the universe, the prophecies of The bible about how the world will end in GOD's time and way; and what the future holds for the human race. It is also intended to remind you to think big. To think of yourself as being important to GOD, because you are. Even if you think you are not important to anyone else. Genesis 9:6 is the warning from GOD to humans not to kill other humans. It is written, "whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed; for in the image of GOD, made HE man." Think about being made in the image of GOD! Another scripture that has dramatic implications is Genesis 1:27-28, King James Holy Bible.

If you read Genesis and see that GOD created the environment of the physical world before HE created humans, you begin to understand GOD's perspective on the human race. GOD designed the heavens, then the earth, then the man , then the woman, and HE created an order to the universe. For those who think too much of themselves, they see their failures as earth-shattering, when in reality, they usually are not. If you think of yourself as being a human on the planet circling the sun every 24 hours, and that you have no control over what happens to the physical earth or heavens, then you can relax and enjoy living life, instead of worrying about things you cannot influence.

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